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Hear Think and Wonder

I am doing an online course on "Teaching Literacy through Films". While doing this course, I came across an exercise that involved playing sounds from a movie (no visual), and asking students following questions - 

1. What genre the movie is?

2. How does the music make you feel?

3. Why does the music change?

4. What does the sound tell you about the story?

5. How many different sounds can you hear?

6. What do you think is happening in the story?

And after that students were to create a visual storyboard. Idea of this exercise is to stimulate creativity in children by providing a defined stimulus that is open to interpretation.

We facilitated the same exercise with children. It was indeed interesting to see how different people can interpret same sounds so differently. To me what sounded like someone being killed was sound of an animal for most of them (and it was indeed a wolf). I could not sense the time of the day, and some of them guessed it right to be night. They definitely were closer than me in imagining the contents of the movie.

Below are some pictures from the exercise.

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