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Core Team

Arti Gupta

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Corporate Trainer, MGSCC Executive Coach, Arti owes her achievements to education, and believes that education can single handedly transform lives. She is the force behind Learning Spaces and aims to open one in every Gram Panchayat.

Vibha Pandey.png
Vibha Pandey

Vibha is a seasoned IT professional with experience spanning decades. She has been associated with various NGOs globally and has lead several CSR projects. Vibha's passion for contributing to the society brought her to the Learning Spaces. At Learning Spaces, Vibha heads the Alliances takes care of the IT needs of the project.

Vandana Singh

A seasoned marketing professional with 14 years of domestic and international marketing experience with brands like Parker, Rasna, Hiranandani, and Maxfactor. Vandana is volunteering to create the Learning Spaces brand and spearhead implementation in Gujarat. 

Rajeev Gupta

With over twenty years of hands-on experience in sales engineering, value based solution selling, and product management, Rajeev is passionate about kids and STEM. He trains the Crayon Gardeners on electronics, robotics, and hands-on IOT.

Mahesh D

Decades of experience working with communities as part of World Bank projects and Pratham Mysore, Mahesh handles projects in Urban. He has been instrumental in the set-up and development of Learning Spaces in Mysore. 



WIth 15 plus years of experience, Jagadeesha is well placed to mobilize resources and get work done. A relationship man, he handles projects in rural for Pratham Mysore, and works closely with Learning Spaces. 

Crayon Gardeners

One of the most important links of our team, Crayon Gardeners work with children at the ground level creating the right environment for them to flourish, just like a farmer provides the right nutrients for the crop to bloom. They facilitate activities developed by the creative team while giving it their own flavour.  Without an exception, they are patient, understanding, and have the ability to step back, and allow children to learn and explore at their own pace. 


With academic background in education, Vinay is the newest member of our community. He manages the activities at Muthathi Learning Space. 


Asharani S

Asha, our own Laxmibai is unstoppable when it comes to working with children. With her methodical approach, sincerity, hard work, and love for children, she makes sure that all Learning Spaces function well. 


Supreetha S

Supreetha facilitates activities at Bodyguard School, Mysuru. She is an engineering graduate and has a natural flair for working with children.  


Vinoda Raju

With Masters in English, Vinoda brings with him more than a decade of experience with children. He nurtures minds at Hykanuru Learning Space


Manju loves training children in drawing, painting, crafts and clay work. She believes that building a healthy bond with children is very essential in a teaching role. During her free time she loves to read stories, collect stamps and do henna tattoos. 


Creative Team

Over the course of time, scores of individuals have volunteered to design activities at Learning Spaces. From teachers in American schools in Dubai and Netherlands, and Pratham volunteers in Mysore, to graduates students in India and abroad, we have had an inspiring concoction of idea. These contributions though sporadic and spread out, have stayed with us and act as backbones for the Learning we hope to inspire. At ground level, every person in The Learning Spaces team is part of a creative team. 

Yamini Jain

With 7 years of teaching experience and a natural flair for Art, Yamini designs class  activities, and supports by making Learning Spaces lively with vivid, colourful, and inspiring art work. 

Radhika & Nandita

Youngest members of our team, Radhika is aged 10 and Nandita is 9 years old. Both sisters are part of the creative team and bring in new ideas for games, activities, and stories for Learning Spaces. 


Established in 2002, Pratham Mysore is relentlessly working to improve the state of education in Karnataka. They work with more than 800 schools across 7 districts positively impacting lives of more than 40,000 children. 

The CSR arm of Finesse FZ LLC, the foundation is committed to changing lives of people by uplifting the state of education and healthcare in the society. Learning Spaces is thankful for their commitment and trust in the idea.  

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