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400+ students, 4 Learning Spaces in 18 months

Within a short span of time, we have started seeing glimpses of the difference Learning Spaces is making in the lives of children in these villages.


Teachers have reported a change in behavior, a renewed interest in Learning, higher focus in classes, improved attendance, and better test results. Learning Spaces are a boon to Government school teachers as they can come and research for topics they are teaching in the class. 


We see community involvement in Muthathi Learning Space that is nestled in the middle of cow shed and houses. Villagers come and paint the Learning Space without asking, they feel it is their contribution to the cause. 

There are success stories that we see around. A 9-year old child dropped out of school as classes did not interest him, but he is regular at Learning Spaces. He enjoys working in paint, solving puzzles, and is catching words of English language as well. 

Children are solving complex puzzles, dabbling with dance, drama, paper cutting, clay modeling, art projects, yoga and meditation. 

Since Learning Spaces focus on Thinking, we engaged an external company to assess Critical Thinking ability of children. We conducted the baseline in August 2018, and would be measuring growth in August 2019. 

Science Teacher at a Government school near Muthathi Learning Space explains how Learning Spaces are helping her in the class. Children are more focussed in the class, are performing better, and they come to Learning Spaces to research topics.

Headmaster at Government School, Muthathi expressing his happiness at improved Student performance due to Learning Spaces.

Children in a remote village of Muttathi near Mysuru in India are solving some complex puzzles. Meet Akash who is an eighth-grader at a Government School, and visits Learning Spaces. See him in action solving Foucault's puzzle with great ease. 

Ullas, a 6th grader from a Government School in the village of Hyakanuru near Mysuru in India solving the wooden ball puzzle. It is heartening to see these kids persist till they succeed in finding a solution to these complex puzzles

Sushmita, a grade 7 student from Hyakanuru Leaning Space is solving a complex puzzle. 

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